** My New Family ** Toby

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“Oh happy day, happy day!  I’ll never be the same.  Forever I am changed!”  What a lucky day it was for me.  I was found by a teacher.  She paid for all my vetting…what a nice lady!  And this teacher knew another teacher who happens to be the owner of Almost Home Doggy Day Care.  And that’s how I made it to SRT.  Then they had a great volunteer who decided to foster me.  And then…the best part…is that she decided I wasn’t going anywhere else!  I’m with my new forever home mom, Kayce, and her two great children!  I’ve also got two four-legged best friends named Sam and Rio.  I’ve been so well cared for and now I get to live this life of love forever!  My new home is perfect and it was meant to be!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Toby