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It’s Sad To Lose A Friend

This section is dedicated to Schnauzers who have reached the Rainbow Bridge.  We will post a picture and one paragraph story for SRT adopters free of charge.  We will post the same for SRT friends who make a small donation to the organization.  Check out our ‘Store’ or ‘Help Us’ section to learn how to contribute.


Derek - 1    Derek - 3     Derek - 2

Derek was a senior when he was rescued. He had some health issues and was a bit arthritic but we are pleased that he was able to spend his last year with a wonderful foster who loved him dearly.

Chick Pea

IMG_5730     IMG_5723     IMG_5724

Chickpea was a little tiny senior with cataracts and very bad arthritis in her back hips. We are happy that we were able to care for her and give her the best quality of life until it was time to let her go.

Zsa Zsa


When the shelter called and asked SRT to help this girl, we said yes. She had some serious injuries and she received the care she needed. We found that she was in kidney failure, so unfortunately we weren’t able to save her. She had a wonderful foster who took great care of her until her time came.

Gertie Breaux


“Now the sun will rise brightly; As if no tragedy had passed in the night. Do not keep night inside you; Surround it in eternal light!” A young life that didn’t begin with the best of circumstances. Pushed out of a vehicle by one family. Assisted by another. Rescued by SRT. Fostered in a loving home. Adopted into another loving home. If she could, Gertie might tell you it was a wonderful path, a path of increasing love and attention. And Gertie would say, ‘what more could a girl ask for’? But while she received so much, she also gave so much. A disability never slowed her down and taught us that being ‘perfect’ doesn’t require ‘perfection’. A terrible tragedy took you away too soon and left many hearts aching. You will never be forgotten. We were glad to be part of your life for a short while….and we miss you!

With Much Love,
Your foster family – The Robinson’s (Shane, Michelle, Rilee & Rorie and Ella & Izzy)

SRT Note:  The Robinson family has made a generous donation to SRT in remembrance of Gertie (previously Bindi).  A thank you to the family for being a foster family and for your support.


noid-IMG_4957     noid-IMG_4963     noid-IMG_4976

Gentry the Gentleman.  Everybody needs a name.  A style.  Something all your own.  But being a gentleman wasn’t enough.  They thought I might have pneumonia but, turns out, it was something even worse.  SRT fought the good fight with me.  I tried to hang in there.  But was too much.  I’m in a better place now.  Free from pain and knowing that, at the end, I was loved.  I knew that it was All About Me.



It might be this. It might be that. And, in the end, it was. Our sweet Abby crossed the Rainbow Bridge….but she did so having once again been in a loving environment and in the loving arms of SRT. With a hug and a prayer, she passed peacefully. Her pain was gone, her vision restored and she began playing with the others at the Rainbow Bridge.

Simon Malaney

Simon - Memorial (Marilyn)

Simon Malaney was the longtime friend of Marilyn Malaney, a friend of the founders of SRT and a long-term volunteer with Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston (MSRH).  Simon was the sweetest of boys and a constant mentor over the years to the many fosters that came in and out the door at Marilyn’s home.  It’s never easy to lose a friend and we know that our friend, Marilyn, is grieving.  We wish her strength knowing that sweet Simon is in a wonderful place and waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge.  Marilyn – with respect for all you do – your friends…the founders of SRT (Donna, Kathryn & Rick).