a wish list

When SRT can’t find enough foster families – which is the case more often than not – we look to our friends at Almost Home Kennel!  They provide excellent boarding facilities for our dogs and they are generous in their support of SRT.  We are always in need of items to support our dogs at the kennel.  If you can help us with some of the items below, we’d be greatly appreciative!  If you can help, drop a note to srt@schnauzerrescuetexas.me .

Wish List Items

Victor Grain Free Dry Dog Food (from Tractor Supply Store)

Purina One or other canned dog food (for our sick dogs)

Deer Antlers

Paper Towels


Laudry Soap (unscented)

Blankets / Towels / Old Sheets

Double-Sided Sherpa Dog Mats (any size)

Low-Fat Dog Treats (e.g. animal crackers)

Dog Toys

Crates /  Travel Carriers

Collars / Leashes / Leads

Gift Cards (or Coupons) To Petco, PetSmart, Amazon Smile or other Pet Supply Stores