** My New Family ** Charlotte

IMG_2826     IMG_2936     Charlotte - 1

“We never settled, went from town to town; When you’re not welcome you don’t hang around.  Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard.”  Well, I may not have been a Schnauzer…not much of one anyway…but that didn’t matter to my new family! I’m in the loving arms of my new mom & dad, Andrea & Tor, and my human siblings, SUzie & Kristian!  I’ve also got two four legged best friends, Molly (on the left) and Fleur (on the right). I’m in the middle! Mom & dad met me when I was being fostered by a neighbor of theirs. How lucky for me!  They thought I’d be a great addition to the family…and that’s exactly what I am to be! A fun and active family.  Playmates.  It’s a perfect combination!  My new life is perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Charlotte