Zsa Zsa


“I know a place where we can go, to lay the troubles down eating your soul. I know a place where mercy flows, take the stains make you whiter than snow!” Yes, I’ve been down to the river to pray. And my prayers were answered when SRT saved me from a brutal life on the streets. I’m Zsa Zsa and I’m a female, salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. I’m about seven years old and I weigh about fifteen pounds. It looks like I came up on the short end of the stick where dog fights are concerned. It’s tough out there…and I’m not much of a fighter. I’d rather be a lover! It looks worse than it is..I’m going to be fine! I’m good with my human friends and appreciative of any attention. I have been, perhaps surprisingly, good around other dogs that I’ve met. I am leash trained…though it’s a bit embarrassing walking with a cone on my head. Just sayin’. I’m also crate trained and house trained too. I’m a good girl that ran into some bad dogs. You can change all that! But for now, I’m going to rest up…and I’ll be available for adoption very soon. Please consider making a donation to SRT to help cover the cost of my care.