** My New Family ** Katie Scarlett O’Hara (previously Tori)

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“The boat that I row won’t cross no ocean;  The boat that I row won’t get me there soon.  But I got the love and if you got the notion;  The boat that I row’s big enough for two!”  Yea, me and you!  Riding off together.  Not in a boat, but in your car.  Not down the river, but to your loving forever home!   That was my dream and now my dream has come true!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Fay & Dan, in their loving forever home.  I’m having the best time!  Mom & dad work just a few doors down from home and I get to go there every day!  I’m never alone and I love it!  I’m learning many new things.  Mom says I eat like I’m stocking up for a dry spell!  I’m learning to behave better on my leash…but this won’t take me long.  I want to please!  Mom & dad says that I found a home and they found a precious baby!  Sounds perfect to me!!  Mom reported in recently that I’ve continued to do well and they love me lots! At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Sissy (aka Miss Scarlet)