The “Ninja Turtle” Puppies

Donatello (M, 12#) srt Pet Ranch meet 2015-12-19 001 (89)    srt Pet Ranch meet 2015-12-19 001 (37) Shadow, F, 12#)

“Wise men say, forgiveness is divine….but never pay full price for late pizza.  Cowabunga, dude!”  A man walks in a park and here’s a noise. And there, in a box, inside a dumpster, are six puppies.  Who does that?  Ain’t no forgiving that one!  Fortunately, our good samaritan friend had a sister who took us in and has been caring for us.  She’s the best! Her young son named us after his favorite cartoon! And mom already has us house trained! We’re the “Ninja Turtle” puppies.  We don’t know where we came from. Some of us look like Schnauzers…or part-Schnauzers anyway….and some of us don’t.  Same litter, but multiple dads.  Hmm. That’s not quite how the whole birds & bees thing was explained to us.  Oh well.  SRT is going to help us but some of us may find our way to other rescues. But either way, SRT makes sure we’re safe now! We’re about one year old now and we all have natural ears and natural tails. Our sex and weight is shown by each of our names next to our picture.  For being puppies, we are really calm dogs.  We love to play with each other and we are very affectionate toward our human friends. Except for the one who put us in the dumpster.  No forgiveness. Did we mention that? We’re great with kids.  Our foster mom has a five year old son (he named us) and a two year old daughter. We love kids!  We’re crate trained and house trained too (thought we’d mention that last part again…adopters like that)!  April O’Neil, Master Splinter, Rafael & Leonardo were already adopted (and they’re doing awesome)! So…Booyakasha!  Let’s get together!  Click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put one or more of us as dogs of interest. Our adoption fee is $400.