** My New Family ** Ned


“No matter the bumps;  No matter the bruises; No matter the scars. The day you called his name, he made you flawless!”  Puppies are flawless! Except for me it seemed…I had a very unique condition called megaesophagus. I have to be held after every feeding…which is not a bad condition to have actually when you think about it! I waited for a long time for a forever home. And then I was found! My new mom & dad, Christy & Damien, have two other dogs with this same condition. They’re experts!! The only problem was they live near Salt Lake City.  But SRT volunteers came to the rescue and figured out a way to get me there! And just look how happy I am now! I have people to care for me but mostly, I have people that love me! In addition to mom & dad, I’ve got a young human brother named Forest. My four-legged friends are named Otto & Ezzo. They’re German Shepherds…so they protect me. On top of that – and this shows you how much love is in this house – there’s a foster German Shepherd named Adelaide! So much to do, so much fun and so much love. It’s perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Ned