** My New Family ** Tara

Tara Home     Tara - 1

“Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet;  Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah!  Pour some sugar on me;  in the name of love!” I wanted a home where they’d want a little sugar!  I can sugar a couple up in no time!  That’s just what my new mom & dad wanted!  That’s my mom, Dial, on the left.  And the nice gentleman on the right is the guy who transported me all the way to Dallas so I could be in my forever home!  That’s how those SRT volunteers are…very special!  I’ve got a nice four-legged cat here named Libby.  She can’t see me but I think she likes me. I’m being nice! Mom & dad have a dog park right in their complex and that means extra fun for me!  I’m going to love my new home.  Plenty of sugar to go around!  It’s perfect!  Mom reports in that she’s ‘over the moon’ with me!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Tara