** My New Family ** Ponzi (Sugar)


“Wish there was a white flag waving or that they were both just faking.  And it was just a game they were playing like shoot-’em-up cowboys.  I wish words were like little toy guns;  No sting, no hurting no one;  Just a bang, bang rolling off your tongue.”  Words matter.  Sometimes they can sting.  But sometimes they can lift you up…like when SRT said, ‘we can take her’!  And when my new mom & dad, Karen & Marc, said ‘we want her’!  Oh, I love words like that!  And I love my new forever home!  I took a long plane ride to get to New Hampshire! I was travel weary but there were loving arms there to greet me as soon as I landed!  That was worth the trip!  And it only gets better from here!  I’ve got a new four-legged friend named Twister and we’re having a blast.  He’s teaching me how not to chase the cat, Tangerine!  I think we’ll all get along great.  What fun!  It’s perfect!  Mom sent in this great picture and advised that I’ve got a new name!  Based on the smiles, looks like we’re all doing great!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Ponzi