** My New Family ** Rosie (previously Sassy)

Sassy - Adopt 1     noid-IMG_6914     Sassy - Adopt 2

“If you’re filled with affection, you’re too shy to convey;  Better take my direction, feel your way!  My heart is set on you.  You’re the one that I want!”  I’m going to scream it from the rooftops…you’re the one that I want!  And I think they heard me because my new mom & dad, Kristin & Nam, came to pick me up and they were just what I wanted!  I’ve also got a new four-legged friend named Harley.  Harley is fourteen years old and I’m going to keep him young!  And he’s going to show me how to get treats!  It’s a partnership thing.  I’m going to love my new home.  Active parents, a fun new friend and plenty of love to go around!  Perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Rosie