** My New Family ** Nico

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“And these are the last words I have to say; It’s always hard to say goodbye. But now it’s time to put this book away; Ain’t that the story of my life?” It wasn’t all that great, but it was all I knew. So I said goodbye and closed that book. And now I’ve opened a new book, a new chapter, with my new mom, Lynda, in her loving forever home! The first page of my new story was great and we’ve turned the page and we’re writing the rest as we go along! I love mom and I get to go with her to many places! And at night, I get to be right with her. That’s always the happy ending to each new page! It’s perfect! Mom reports in that I’m doing great. I’m learning to give the cat some space…did you know cats have claws??!! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Nico