** My New Family ** Maizie (previously Monica)

Monica - adopt     IMG_6198

“That was not a happy hi!”  That old Friends quote just doesn’t apply anymore.  I’ve got all kinds of happy hi’s now that I’m in the loving forever home of my new mom & dad, Julee & John!  My new mom and dad are awesome (and I think they are Friends fans too!).  I’ve also got a human sister named Alyssa and a four-legged best friend named Sophie who’s going to show me how things get done here.  There’s another curious little four-legged friend here too…a cat named Honey!  I like her.  Mom says it’s a cat that thinks she’s a dog.  Well, great then – the more the merrier!  Honey is the queen bee of the house so I’m going to work real hard to get along and have fun!  Sophie will show me how!  The best part though is the chance to be in loving arms.  It’s what I waited for.  It’s what gives me my Happy Hi!  My home is perfect!  Mom reports in that I’m getting along beautifully with Sophie.  We play so hard we need to sleep in mom’s lap way before bedtime! I’ve got all kinds of things here…beds, nyla bones, blankets….and I haven’t even started to covet Sophie’s things yet!  Mom provided another update – an a very generous donation…thank you!  We’re all doing great! I love it here so much! At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Monica