** My New Family ** Midnight (previously Charity)

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That wasn’t a long wait at all!  I found my new home in record time!  I’m with my new mom, Mary Jo.  Mom likes to go by ‘Augie’.  I like that name!  Though mom and I are by ourselves, there’s never a shortage of activity because we have lots of family near by!  I’ve got mom’s granddaughters, Lexi and Haden.  Lexi is an awesome runner so we race around together!  Mom says Haden will be the next Bill Gates…so I’m friends with him too because one day he’ll be rich and bring me lots of treats!  And I also have mom’s mom to love on at her care center. I went to visit and everyone at the Center loved me and they want me to come back real soon! Several of them had tears in their eyes!  Yea…I have that touch I guess!  I love my busy life here.  It’s fun!  It’s perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Midnight