** My New Family ** MaryAnn (previously Whisper)

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She’s twelve years old.  Cataracts.  She can see shadows…perhaps.  And other stuff.  That was the report from the shelter but SRT said “we’ll take her in”.  And then a very nice lady, Sarah, picked me up from the shelter and gave me a ride to SRT.  We had about twenty-four hours together….and I made everyone of them count!  I give everyone kisses and I’m just as sweet as I can be.  I let Miss Sarah see every bit of my personality and, by the time our twenty-four hours together came to an end, Miss Sarah said, I’ll be your mom!  And just like that, I found my way into a loving forever home!!  That’s real love.  That’s my mom!  My picture above is with my Aunt Jessica, my mom’s sister….we did a little selfie together!  There’s beauty and love everywhere here!  And that’s pretty cool!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – MaryAnn