** My New Family ** Sugar (previously Jasmine)


Frosty the snowman! He’s my new favorite friend! Well, not quite…my new mom & dad are my favorite friends! I’m with them, Karla & Les, in their loving forever home! Mom & dad are long-time Schnauzer lovers! I’m a Schnauzer but my unique coloring may be a little bit of a change in pace, but I fit the bill just fine! They think so too! I fit in with the snowmen…and mom says I just love chillin’ by the boys! It’s perfect here! Mom reports in that I’m their little darling and that I’m precious. She has a few things for me to work on…like not chewing on my dog bed when I’m in the crate. Oops. I’ll work on that! Oh yea, and I sometimes try to get a bite of food from the people’s table. It is better. I have to say it! Mom’s a great cook! But I’ll work on that too. I want them to think I’m perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Sugar