** My New Family ** Fancy & Sassy

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Since five weeks old.  Thirteen year!  That’s how long we were with our first owner and then one day we find ourselves at the kill shelter.  That’s how some people are….and at our age, we knew the expected outcome.  But SRT stepped in and then, in record time, our new mom, Rue, stepped up and said that we have a forever home!  Way to go mom!  We won’t disappoint you.  We’re two of the most well-behaved dogs you’d ever want to meet! We’ve got tons of skills.  But cuddling with you and showing you our love is the skill mom will like best!  Mom’s children have two four-legged friends named Jackson & Winston and it’s going to be fun to get to know them!  It’s a great ending.  And it’s thanks to SRT and our new mom!  It’s perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Fancy & Sassy