** My New Family ** Cookie (previously Missy)

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Young.  Small.  Skills to the max.  It had to be a mistake that I was found running in the streets.  A nice family said, ‘we will foster her’ but then quickly said, ‘no we won’t…we’ll adopt her instead’!  And that’s how I became a loved member of the Kovar family!  I have two great human brothers and we are having a great time playing and cuddling!  I think they love me as much as I love them!  I also have a four-legged friend named Kirby and he’s showing me how we get things done here.  The important stuff…get a petting, get a treat…yea, important stuff! He likes to sleep near me at night.  OK by me! Such a handsome guy! Mom says that I’m super smart, already know my new name and am already learning some basic words and commands.  She also said that I’m super sweet and she likes how I go to each person in the morning and give them their morning kiss.  It really couldn’t be any better!  I love my new home and my new family!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Cookie.