Miss Muffitt – A Puppy

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“Little Miss Muffit, sat on a tuffet, eating her dog treats all day.  Along came a chap, who carried a map, and took Little Miss Muffit away….to a forever home!” Yea, well it probably didn’t quite go that way…but wouldn’t that be cool?  You bring a map showing how we get to your loving forever home. I jump in the car.  And you take me away!  I’m Miss Muffitt and I’m a female, black Schnauzer with natural ears and a natural tail. I’m just ten months old and I weigh just eight pounds.  You just can’t be big if you’re going to sit on a tuffet all day!  But, even so, I’m a little thin and could stand to gain a couple pounds. I was found as a stray – kind of sad for a girl so young – but things have been looking up every since.  I’m a very sweet and friendly young lady.  I like my human companions and I also like my four-legged friends too!  I have a few things I need to get taken care of before I’ll be ready for adoption.  But just keep watching for me. I’m going to be Waiting On You very soon!