** Our New Family ** Lennon & Harrison

Lennon IMG_7313     IMG_7327 Harrison

“Today, all you hear are songs where boys want to hook up with you, when all the Beatles wanted to do was hold your hand!” Yes, all we want is to be close and cuddle on the couch a bit! And we get that and more now that we’re in the loving forever home of our new mom & dad, Sharee & Barry! Mom & dad were our fosters…who then made the leap to forever! They ‘took a sad song and made it better’!  That’s just who they are! In addition to mom & dad, we have fun four-legged friends to play with, Pepper, Whiskers & Dixie! It’s five on two…and mom & dad wouldn’t want it any other way! It’s just perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! We mean “US”! Hugs – Lennon & Harrison