Lacie (being fostered in Emory)

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“I’m back on my feet, got it straight in my mind;  Don’t ask how I’m doing, I’m doing just fine.  Now I got it all under control;  If I acted much higher, then you’d see I’m down so low.  I keep fallin’ – fallin’ apart at the heart.”  I had a home but I guess they did me a favor by turning me into the shelter. I have heart worms so I wasn’t well cared for. But it’s still hard to lose a forever home…even if it wasn’t a great forever home.  But I think there’s something better out there. I think I belong with you!  I’m Lacie and I’m a female, brindle-colored mix with natural ears and a natural tail. I’m about five years old and I weigh about fourteen pounds.  I love my human friends and I don’t mind being handled and loved on.  Now that bath thing….yea, I’m not too wild about it.  I’m afraid the soap will wash off my unique coloring! I do well around other dogs and enjoy some playtime when you’re busy doing other things.  …but I’m going to need a little quiet time while I address this whole heart worm thing. I’m crate trained and I’m very quiet when I’m in my crate. It’s a safe place for me!  Everyone needs a safe place!  I’m also house trained…so you can just leave that crate door open!  I like toys and all the other things you’d expect a dog to enjoy…walks, trips to the dog park, visits from the family.  Yea…I just want to be part of the team!  If you want me on your team, click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Lacie, as a dog of interest. My adoption fee is $300.