** My New Family ** Kirby

Kirby - Adopted 1     noid-IMG_6555    Kirby - Adopted 2

“Maybe yesterday’s rhyme, was for yesterday’s time and the future’s not ours to see.  But there’s some things that always will be, like sayin’ I love you!  Yes, the good things will never change, like sayin’ I love you!”  Do you know how many times you can say I Love You on a trip between Houston and Tyler?  A lot!  My new mom & dad, Brenda & Ronnie, came all the way from Tyler to pick me up and take me to their loving forever home!  That deserves a lot of I Love Yous!  When I got here, I found another four-legged friend.  It doesn’t look like me.  It’s a little more furry.  A little standoffish.  But I think I’m going to like it!  I won’t chase it!  It’s going to be great here in my new home…plenty of fun and plenty of cuddle time. Yes, the good things will never change!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Kirby