** My New Family ** Jazz (previously Jazzy)

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“Breathe deep the gathering gloom; Watch lights fade from every room.  Red is grey and yellow white;  But we decide which is right.  And which is an illusion.” When you lose your home, you begin to think that a forever home just an illusion.  But not for me!  I know that my new home is really forever!  I’m with my new mom, Kimberlee, in her loving forever home.  We are having so much fun together.  Mom likes to cuddle, I like to cuddle, it’s a perfect match! Mom has a roommate and she has a cat named Rosco. I think I’ll like the cat. What’s not to like? Cats run when you chase them! It’s going to be fun here.  There’s love here.  And that’s forever!  It’s perfect!  Mom reports in that I’m adjusting very well.  After some initial cat-jealousy, we are now on friendly terms and play together!  Mom says she’s very thankful that she gets to be my mom!  Now, how do you beat that.  Mom, come here…I have a dog kiss for you!  Mom reports in that we are an awesome pair and that I’m loving life in my new home! At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Jazz