** My New Family ** J J

JJ - Adopt     noid-IMG_5136

Watt’s that?!!  It’s JJ!  He picks up the fumble and he scores!  The most important touchdown of his life!  Yes, that’s exactly how I felt when my new mom & dad, Mary & Mark, came to take me to their loving forever home!  I can’t believe my good fortune.  First it was SRT helping me out.  And now I have the loving home I always wanted with a terrific mom & dad!  It’s going to be great here.  Defending the family by blitzing any backyard varmints.  Batting down attempts by the mailman to get to our door. Yea, I got defense covered here.  Your safe mom & dad!  Now give JJ that good boy treat!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – JJ