** My New Family ** Scooter (previously Hoss)

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“We did it for love, we did it for satisfaction.  It was the rage of the age and the hour of the main attraction.  We finally said, enough is enough;  We played it by ear, it came from the heart.  We did it for love.”  From being tied to a vet office door to being rescued by SRT to being loved on by my wonderful new mom & dad, Gail & Louis, in their loving forever home!  I’ve also got a ready-made four-legged best friend named Roxie.  Roxie likes to be the leader, so I’m going to do what any good boy would do….say yes Ma’am!  I’m grateful to my new mom & dad for choosing me.  And to say thanks, I’m putting all my wonderful skills on full display here in my new home!  I love it here.  My new home is perfect!  Mom reports in that I’m really doing well…and I love Roxie!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Hoss