** My New Family ** Little Ricky (previously Gernot)

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“Night in my eyes, the night inside me;  Here where the shadows gather to decide me.  Night in my eyes, out at the end of light and gravity.  Waiting for night.”  I’m getting older…there’s no two ways about that.  But I still have so much life.  So much to give.  And that is what my new mom & dad, Julie & Randal, saw in me when they decided they wanted me to join their loving forever home!  They made their decision even before I left the shelter! This home is going to be just right for me!  Mom & dad have grandchildren that like to come by and they will be so much fun!  I also enjoy my four-legged friends that are here – Lola, Paco and Freddy!  There’s no shortage of love and no shortage of things to do.  I can’t believe my good fortune…my home is perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Little Ricky