** My New Family ** Emma

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“Over and over again, I hear your voice in my head;  let your light shine for all to see!”  It was time for something better.  It was time for me to step out and once again, let my light shine for all to see.  And when I did, the most wonderful thing happened!  I was adopted into the loving home of my new mom & dad, Angie & Patrick!  I also have three other four-legged friends to play with too – Ripley, Chevy and Karma.  Mom reports in that I’m adjusting well and seem happy in my new home.  Mom says that Chevy is my best friend.  He’s a true ‘big’ brother as you can see!  I feel well protected!  There’s just no end to the fun – and the love – in this home! Let my light shine!  At SRT, it really was ‘All About Me’!  Hugs – Emma