** My New Family ** Maisy (previously Eliza)

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“All my life, I’ve searched this whole world through. Try as I might to find someone like you. Who could have known that finding you would only take me all my life.”  When you’re a puppy, looking for a home, that search seems like forever even if it really wasn’t long at all! But my short wait was worth it as I found the most wonderful mom, Amy! Mom was so excited to meet me and I went right to her! Then we met all kinds of dogs at PetSmart where I got some new things! Mom’s brother, David, lives her with us so I have two laps from which to choose. I choose both! I also have a four-legged friend, Milo, and we’re having a blast! Mom reports in that I adjusted well and that I enjoy playing fetch. I even bring it back! Mom says she could not be happier. Me neither! Mom called in another report and said I’m now growing like a weed! Love does that! They are wild about me….and I’m wild about them! It’s perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Maisy