** My New Family ** Cubby

Cubby - 2     Cubby - Adopt

“That water tower’s got the sun going down behind it;  If there’s a good time in this town girl we’re gonna find it !  Tried to play it cool but I knew already – by the way you looked in the dashboard lights, it was gonna be one of those nights!”  If this looks happy, it’s because I am!  I’m in a great home, in the cooler weather of Indiana and I’m with the most terrific mom & dad, Becky & Steve, in their loving forever home!  Mom & dad decided they needed a dog, they liked the SRT organization and it just so happened that Dad comes through Texas almost every week!  We had some fun riding back to Indiana to meet Mom!  Now we’re one happy family!  I’ve also got a great four-legged friend, Missy, and two other four-legged friends called cats – Jenks & Princess!  I promised not to chase them!  They promised not to hiss.  It’s all going to work out fine!  Actually, it’s more than fine. It’s perfect!  Mom & dad report in that I’m a perfect fit for them in their home!  Everyone loves me to pieces!  They even said I’m a great little guy!  Sometimes long distance relationships really work!  At SRT, it really was All ABout Me!  Hugs – Cubby