** My New Family ** Cody

Cody - 5    Cody - 4     COdy - 6

“Smokey bars and guitars don’t make for no fairy tale life.  And every time I head home I think I’ll find her gone.  But she’s still there and still wants to be in the arms of a cowboy like me.”  I always thought that maybe I wasn’t deserving of a loving forever home.  Maybe I was just going to be a lonely cowboy all my life.  But then, the most wonderful thing happened.  My new mom, Judith, walked in and said, ‘him; I want him’.  It was music to my ears.  No more lonely nights.  No more smokey bars.  Just me and mom!  Mom reports in that I’m doing very well and that I never want to leave her side.  Well, with a mom this great, would you?  Of course not!  Mom calls, I answer!  Perfect.  Simply perfect.  Mom reports in that I’m doing very well.  I feel safe and am beginning to explore the yard without needing mom by my side!  I do it all by myself!  She says I’m very sweet and I enjoy cuddle time! At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Cody