Chipper – A Puppy!

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“Well, I’ve got it all planned on the other hand if you like it like that. When we touch, there’s a shock baby.  When we love I’m on a rocket baby!  What you doin’, baby, come on over tonight;  Red Hot & Blue Love!” I may be young but I know the benefits of finding the right love.  And I got the puppy energy that keeps the motor running nonstop.  Time for play, time for walks, time for cuddling. I’m like the Energizer bunny!  I’m Chipper and I’m chipper! I’m a male, Schnauzer mix with long natural ears and a natural tail. I’m just seven months old and I weigh about eight pounds.  Get close to my face and I’m going to wrap my ears around you real tight!  That’s how we do that red hot and blue love! I’m very friendly and sweet with my human friends and I like all the attention that I’m getting here at SRT. I’m also good with my four-legged friends. I’m a bit of live wire and it might be good if I have another four-legged friend to play with.  I’m always happy and always ready for a new adventure. I like walks and am learning how to walk on a leash. I like dog parks too and I like trips to other places….I enjoy being with you! I like playing with toys too when all the human friends are busy. I’m crate trained and I’m learning my house training skills.  If you’re looking for fun, you’ve come to the right place! Click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Chipper, as a dog of interest. My adoption fee is $400.