** My New Family ** Rocky (previously Joey)


“In a way I know my heart is waking up as all the walls come tumbling down.  I’m closer than I’ve ever felt before!  And I know.  And you know.  There’s no need for words right now ’cause I can feel you breathe!”  My mom told me it was going to be OK.  She told me we were in loving hands now.  She was right!  She found her home and now I found mine!  I’m in the loving forever home of my new mom & dad, Vinanti & Samir, and my two terrific human siblings, Varun & Tejal!  What a wonderful family!  What a wonderful home!  I have a huge open back yard that is all mine to explore.  I’m putting the squirrels on notice that there’s a new sheriff in town!  It’s going to be perfect here…and I love it!  Dad reports in that I’m doing great and baking in all the attention that I’m getting!  He says I’m great!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Rocky