** My New Family ** Casper

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“In the dark of fierce exile, I felt the grace of your smile. Honey, you’re my lucky day! Well, I lost all the other bets I made, but honey, you’re my lucky day!” I was hoping to get lucky! I mean….I’m a guy! Come on! But now I’m the luckiest guy ever, in the best way, as I’m in the loving forever home of my new mom & dad, Diane & Jim! That’s me with my new grandpa! I love it here! Mom and dad wanted a snuggle bunny. Check. They wanted a dog that wanted to go for walks. Double check! And a dog that could go to a nursing home and warm up some hearts. Triple check! I’ve got a job! And I am loved. Perfect! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Casper