** My New Family ** Callie


“This is my kingdom and it needs to fall.  I want you and no one else.  More of you, less of me.  Make me who I’m meant to be!  You’re all I want, all I need.  You’re everything!”  I wanted a home where I would have someone to worship.  And I found that when my mom & dad, Monique & Keith, came to take me to their loving forever home.  I also have two human brothers, Jamal & Jordan!  I love it here.  I especially love mom and want to be with her constantly.  I love everyone here and I’m going to work on that separation anxiety thing.  I think a treat would help.  OK, two!  I really love my family and my home.  I was so excited to get here in time for Christmas!  Wrap me in a bow, I’m here!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Callie