Bradon – A Puppy!

     2016-04-16 019     

“And so I pray to the teenage god of rock; If I make it big, let me stay on top! I’m going to be a teenage idol!” Little kids always have interesting ideas about what they want to be when they grow up. I figure I might as well be the guy that everyone loves! I’m Bradon and I’m a male, white mix of some sort with natural ears and a natural tail. I’m about seven months old and I weigh about eleven pounds. The shelter told SRT I was a Schnauzer….hee hee. Yea, it was a little trick…but it got me where I wanted to be. If anyone knows how to make a teenage idol out of a young pup, it’s SRT! I’m a little shy (especially around new people….just for a bit) and I’m generally very quiet. But I do like giving kisses to my human friends! I like being around other dogs but I mostly just look at them for now. I’m trying to get my groove on. You know. I like walks and I do well on a leash. I’m crate trained and I’m house trained too! No hill for a climber. And speaking of climbing, I know how to climb a ladder! My foster mom got a little freaked out! I got all the skills. What I need is some  teenage idol polish. Love makes a great polish. With your help, I can be a teenage idol for you! Just click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Bradon, as a dog of interest. My adoption fee is $400.