** My New Family ** Gertie (Previously Bindi)

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From bad to worse to change to PERFECT!  That’s how I’d describe my journey…quite a journey for such a young girl!  First I was in a home that wasn’t all that great.  Then they dump me out of the car.  Then I’m rescued, fostered by a nice family but they discover that I’m deaf.  Now we know why I sleep so well!  But the best came when I found the absolute perfect home with my new mom & dad, Diane and Randal, and my human sister, Adeline.  I’ve also got some four-legged friends to play with.  My favorite is young Frankie.  She’s so much fun.  We play chase all day long!  Watch the lamp!  Yea…sorry!  I’ve also got a pug friend named Jezebel and two cats too, Ellington & Fitzgerald!  Imagine the fun we’re all having!  I can’t believe how things turned out.  I can’t believe the love that exists in a real forever home!  And that’s all I really need.  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Gertie