** My New Family ** Benny

IMG_0196     Benny - 3

“The times in my life when I’ve been my thinnest…..skinny was usually due to some kind of loss. Death. Rejection. Divorce.”  Stephanie Klein.  In my case, being skinny was part of rejection.  Part of someone being uncaring.  But it’s behind me….especially now that I’m with a loving new mom & dad, Heidi & Mitch, in their fantastic forever home!  I’ve also got other four-legged friends to play with too, Molly & Gigi!  I’m going to be so active, I may need a double dose of extra treats.  Oh, darn!  Mom & Dad heard I had been picked up and turned into a shelter and then to SRT…and they wanted to help right away.  Little did I know that part of that help would be to provide me my loving forever home.  That’s the spirit!!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Benny