** My New Family ** Buddy (previously Bailey)

Bailey - adopted 1     Bailey - 6    Bailey - adopted 2

“I don’t see divorce as a failure. I see it as the end to a story. In a story, everything has an end and a beginning.” Olga Kurylenko said that.  I guess that could be true.  I was the victim in a divorce.  Then I went to the elderly parents who couldn’t really take care of me (oh, but they did feed me!).  And then I came to SRT and I went to be in a loving foster home.  They loved me.  They cared for me.  And, down the road, when the thought of letting me go came into focus, well…I wasn’t going anywhere!  And now I have a the best of forever homes and nothing had to change!  I’m with my new mom & dad, Laura & Sjoerd, and my human brother, Steven!  My life with them could not be more perfect!  Heidi is my new four-legged best friend and mom reports in that we are doing great together.  Heidi is high-energy and I’m more mellow.  Mom says it’s the perfect combination!  The family calls me Buddy the Elf.  I’m very sweet and everyone loves my little kisses…especially mom!  Good people come to volunteer with SRT…and sometimes they become so much more than a volunteer!  That’s good for me!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Buddy