** My New Family ** Bella (previously Baby)

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“There’s nothin’ wrong with her, she’s perfect;  She’s as pure as she can be.  I’m the one who made her cry.”  I came to SRT after things didn’t work out in my previous home. But it turns out, it was a blessing!  My new mom & dad, Kristal & Douglas, said I would be perfect and now I’m loving live here in a loving forever home!  I’ve got a sparkling little human sister, Katelynn, and I also have a four-legged friend, Sadie!  We look so much alike, we might be sisters!  I’m being held by mom and dad is holding Sadie. It’s going to be so much fun here!  There’s so much love here!  And that’s perfect!  Mom reports in that I’m doing fantastic! Sadie and I are best friends….running all over and then crashing for a nap!  I get to sleep in the big bed because I’ve been so good!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Bella