** My New Family ** Avery

IMG_0684     Avery - Adopt 2     IMG_0588

“I’m sitting on a tailgate in the middle of a stargaze;  Wishing you were in my arms.  Chilling right here, baby if you want it;  I’ve got a cold beer with your name on it!  Me and you dancing in the firelight;  Girl you gotta admit it sounds pretty good, don’t it?”  It must have sounded pretty good….because I went on the road traveling to Colorado to be with my new mom, Marlene, in her loving forever home!  The SRT network is just so large!  I am loving this cooler weather and a constant downpour of love!  Now my trip was somewhat of a challenge.  I got delayed at the airport for hours because of rain. Missed my connection and spent the night in another airport.  Then there was a road closure and it took me hours to get to my home.  I was exhausted…as evidenced by the picture of me with my new best friend, Sterling!  But once I was rested, it’s been awesome here!  Mom does a  little fostering too and currently has a foster named Nucklehead.  Now that’s pretty funny!  What a family we’re going to be!  Mom says I’m settling in and that I’m really going to enjoy the love that’s coming my way!  She says I love love love Colorado!!  It’s going to be perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Avery