** Our New Family ** Albert & Fritz

Fritz - 1    Albert & Fritz - Adopted   Albert - 3 A

“Did you think I would leave you crying when there’s room on my horse for two?  Climb up here and don’t be crying.  I can go just as fast with two!”  We worried that we might be separated. Two brothers who had been together since birth.  But then, a wonderful thing happened…we were both adopted into a loving forever home and a very loving family!  We’re with our new mom & dad, Julie & Jason, and our top-notch human siblings, Chelsie, Brycan and Payton!  On top of that, we have a great four-legged friend, Maddie Moo, who was in need of some company after her best friend passed on.  All the pieces fit.  And what a beautiful tapestry this is!  Life is going to be very special and satisfying here!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Albert & Fritz