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“Dream, dream, dream, no time to dream away;  ‘Cause you’ve got better things to do!  High, high time to get yourself together;  ‘Cause I know you can make it if you try.  You can really do it if you try!”  Yes, I know I can do it. I just needed a little help to get me pointed in the right direction….pointed right to your loving forever home!  I’m Addie and I’m a female, black Schnauzer with natural ears and a natural tail. I’m about three years old and I weigh about nine pounds.  I’ve been trying so hard you just won’t believe the skills I’ve developed!  I’m just one happy girl in the base case.  Nothing can get me down! I’m friendly with my human friends and I like my four-legged friends too. I give little play bites…and I’ll work to correct this…but I won’t be able to go to a home with very small children. I like walks and I do well on a leash. I also like riding in the car and I can be real quiet when we go places. I sleep all night in my crate and I’m quiet there too!  During the day though, I’m house trained with a doggy door. Nothing to it! I’ve got some energy but I’m not hyper in any way. I just like to have fun.  Good, clean happy-go-lucky fun!  But at night, after a fun day, I’m looking for cuddle time on the couch! With you!  Let’s  do it together.  We can make it if we try!  Click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Addie, as a dog of interest! My adoption fee is $400.