** My New Family ** Zach

srt Pet Ranch Meet 2 13 2016 2016-02-13 034     IMG_4152

“It’s the end of another working day; Come on and pack your blues away. Change your clothes, we’ll go for a ride to the other side.  Hurry up sundown!” Sundown.  Night time. Cuddle time! It’s the best time! And now, I have the best dad in all the world to do that with! I’m with my new dad, Dave, in his loving forever home! Dad works right next door and I get to go to work with him sometimes! We’re always going to be together. Just as it should be! It’s perfect! Dad reports in that I’ve already been a blessing! He says I’ve made so many new friends at the dog park! I love it here! At SRT, it really was All About Me! Hugs – Zach