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“I never realized the passing hours of evening showers; A slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams. And I would have walked head on into the deep end of the river. But someone saved my life tonight.” Dumped on the side of the road. But I was microchipped! Hello Mr. Owner, we found your dog. No, that’s not my dog. Don’t you think that’s sad? But someone saved my life tonight…and there’s a better life waiting for me! I’m going to be better off! I’m Tramp and I’m a male, silver, tan & brown Schnauzer mix with natural ears and a natural tail. I’m about nine years old and I weigh about twenty-five pounds. I’m a very well-trained dog – maybe even obedience trained. I know all my manners and have lots of skills. I’m very sweet and very polite. I’d be great around children. I’m crate trained and I’m perfectly house trained too! I also know how to walk well on a leash. I’m quite spunky for a guy my age and I like to have play time with my owner or dog friends. I get along with other dogs…except the large two at my current foster’s home who I think would rather eat me than play with me! Can I please get to a forever home really fast?!  You can help. Click the ‘Adopt’ tab, complete your adoption application and put me, Tramp, as a dog of interest. My adoption fee is $200.