** My New Family ** Smores & Tootsie

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“Those who’ve seen us, know that not a thing can come between us.  Many men have tried to split us up, but no one can.  Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister!”  Our owner died.  We went to the vet to live.  Then to SRT.  And that’s where our new mom and grandmom, Denise & Wanda, spotted us and knew they had to have us!  Wanda is Denise’s mom and they have a special thing for Schnauzers and senior Schnauzers at that!  That is some awesome good luck!  We’ve got three other four-legged friends that we’re becoming fast friends with – Carly, Mandi and Molly!  They know where the soft spots are…and that’s where we need to be to get a treat!  Mom and Grandmom drove quite a ways to get us. And then they drove even further to help transport another SRT rescue to his forever home.  Yep.  That’s the kind of love that’s here.  That’s the kind of love we need!  It’s perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Smores & Tootsie