** My New Family ** Scruffy

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Part Schnauzer.  Part something else.  Maybe Shih Tzu.  Maybe Affenpinscher. Gesundheit! But, whatever the other part, I became whole when my new mom & dad, Kellie & Derrick, picked me up and welcomed me to their loving forever home! I’m a loving pet with loving owners and never again will I have to worry about anything else!  It’s wonderful here!  Mom reported in that I’m both handsome and well-behaved!  But of course – I know a good thing when I see it!  Mom said I’m adjusting nicely to my new surroundings and they are happy to have me as part of their family.  Me…part of a family.  That’s what I wanted.  And, I don’t know of course, but when mom and dad inquired about a dog, they wanted one that would potentially be good with children.  Whoo-hoo – I’m really good at that!  Maybe that will be my next surprise.  But right now, I’m focused on today’s surprise….and I’ve got a couple here that needs some Scruffy attention and dog kisses!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Scruffy