Smaller..Pet owner and miniature schnauzer dog

SRT Thanks All Of Those Who Have Supported Our Rescue Vision:  A Schnauzer. In A Home. Knowing Love.

Almost Home Doggie Day Care & Boarding – Rocio and Alan are committed to rescue and are big supporters of SRT.  When we need to rescue and we need a home, ‘Almost Home’ is there!

Logo / Banner Design Consultant:  Justin Dring

Photographs:  All photographs used on SRT’s website are used with express permission or purchased rights.  SRT wishes to thank The Painted Clock Photography for our home page picture, Lakeside Giants for the award winning picture of their Champion Giant Schnauzer, Max,  and to Stephanie & Daniel Wright for the picture of Fritz in the bluebonnets.

Rescue Transport: There are many volunteers who help us transport our rescues (and we appreciate you all!) but one guy – Bob Milner, CEO of Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands – gives our pups a true first class ride! When you need a new ride, we hope you’ll keep Bob in mind. He’s one of the good guys and we appreciate his support in meeting our transportation needs!