** My New Family ** Roy

Roy - Adopt    Roy - 2

“Treating today as though it was the last, the final show.  It may take a little time, a lonely path, an uphill climb.  And do you feel scared, I do!  And I won’t stop and falter.  And if we threw it all away, things can only get better!”  Yea, it was a little scary losing a family.  But I knew that, with SRT’s help, things were only going to get better.  And boy, did they!  My new mom & dad, Addie & James, chose me to bring to their loving forever home!  Mom and dad are in the active military – THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE MOM & DAD – and I’m going to be saluting to the troops down in Corpus!  Oh, I like serving.  Yes I do!  Get your slippers?  Jump on your lap?  Get the paper?  I think I can learn to serve!  Mom’s parents were SRT ‘foster failures’ and so I have a fellow-rescue named Felix as part of my extended family.  Mom is holding me in the picture and mom’s dad is holding Felix!  This is going to be perfect!  We’re an all-American family!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Roy