** My New Family ** Rosie

IMG_2240     Rosie - 3

“With all my heart, an call my soul, I will love you till the winds don’t blow.  Until the oceans turn to stone, my love is yours and yours alone.  My love is forever, until forever’s gone!”  I think Kenny Rogers had it right.  I like the word ‘forever’.  And I like it even better now that I’m in the loving forever home of my new mom, Lelia!  Mom is awesome and she has a big heart for Schnauzers!  I’ve got four great playmates, Ginger, Pepper, Klaus and Lucy!  I’m not sure how mom keeps up with our combined antics…but she does and she does it in grand fashion!  This is the kind of home I dreamed about.  This is the kind of mom I always wanted.  This is perfect!  At SRT, it really was All About Me!  Hugs – Rosie