RIley - 3     Riley - 4

Ouch!  Hey, watch it!  Oh yea….it hurts a little.  OK, a lot.  I not only broke my front leg but my back leg has a fracture too…thank you plate & pin.  Stupid car.  And how did I get to the street in the first place?  I digress.  But I can still smile.  SRT saved my life and I can see brighter days ahead!  I’ve got a little mending to do…maybe till the end of October or so…but then I’m going to be ready for a real home.  A loving home.  A place where it’s all about me!  I’m Riley and I’m a male, salt & pepper Miniature Scnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  i’m about two years old and I weigh about sixteen pounds.  I am a super friendly guy…despite what I’m going through…and I just know there’s someone waiting for me when this is all finished!  Soon…I’ll be moving right over to the ‘ME – Waiting On You’ page!  It’s a little tough on a new rescue group to start up with dogs needing special treatment. Might you be willing to help sponsor my care? All you have to do is click this link to go to the ‘Help Us’ page where you’ll find instructions on how to make a donation by check (while we work to get our store up and running)!